Electronic is an Information, Communication, Technology and Fintech Company. Founded in 2006 by South African Telco and banking technologist, Electronic Connect has gained strong expertise in the field of Information Technology (IT), telecommunications, mobile payments and transactional banking.

Building and operating Smart Cities is our DNA, we deliver Smart Cities through smart partnering with our customers and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) by continuously innovating and deploying unique commercially viable revenue share models

Our Vision
To enable emerging and established small to medium IT companies to build a more efficient and sustainable future for municipalities.
We believe that technology can change our world for the better. Electronic Connect has three key goals:
To transition municipalities to be efficient, financially viable and responsive to its citizens.
To transition citizens to have expanded and convenient self service channels in order to pay and receive 100% accurate utility usage information.
To introduce true radical economic empowerment by enabling micro traders, SMMEs & unemployed youth to be Smart City delivery partners & transition agents.